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‣ Complex Ordered Patterns in Mechanical Instability Induced Geometrically Frustrated Triangular Cellular Structures

Kang, Sung Hoon; Shan, Sicong; Kosmrlj, Andrej; Noorduin, Wim L.; Shian, Samuel; Weaver, James C.; Clarke, David R.; Bertoldi, Katia
Fonte: American Physical Society Publicador: American Physical Society
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
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Geometrical frustration arises when a local order cannot propagate throughout the space because of geometrical constraints. This phenomenon plays a major role in many systems leading to disordered ground-state configurations. Here, we report a theoretical and experimental study on the behavior of buckling-induced geometrically frustrated triangular cellular structures. To our surprise, we find that buckling induces complex ordered patterns which can be tuned by controlling the porosity of the structures. Our analysis reveals that the connected geometry of the cellular structure plays a crucial role in the generation of ordered states in this frustrated system.; Engineering and Applied Sciences; Physics