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‣ Investigations of oomycete cell biology

Hardham, Adrienne R
Fonte: Oxford University Press: Oxford Publicador: Oxford University Press: Oxford
Tipo: Parte de Livro Formato: 29 pages
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The identification and characterisation of genes from filamentous fungi has become easier because of the rapid advances that have taken place in molecular biology, including the generation of whole genome sequences. The new challenge facing researchers is to determine the functions of genes and how they contribute to the biology of fungi. To do this, it is clear that a wide variety of different experimental techniques will be necessary, ranging from classical genetic analysis and mutant production, right through to cell biology, biochemistry and immunological methods. This book brings together detailed practical guidance from experienced researchers using the full range of these genetic, genomic, cellular and biochemical methods. The authors describe laboratory procedures that have been proven effective for the investigation of a wide variety of fungal species. They give key background information, technical tips and detailed experimental protocols, which will prove invaluable to researchers and students studying filamentous fungi.