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‣ Screening of Small Molecule Microarrays for Ligands Targeted to the Extracellular Epitopes of Living Cells

Lee, Jeong Heon; Bao, Kai; Frangioni, John V.; Choi, Hak Soo
Fonte: Harvard University Publicador: Harvard University
Tipo: Artigo de Revista Científica
Relevância na Pesquisa
The screening of living cells using high-throughput microarrays is technically challenging. Great care must be taken in the chemical presentation of potential ligands and the number of collisions that cells make with them. To overcome these issues, we have developed a glass slide-based microarray system to discover small molecule ligands that preferentially bind to one cell type over another, including when the cells differ by only a single receptor. Chemical spots of 300 ± 10 μm in diameter are conjugated covalently to glass slides using an arraying robot, and novel near-infrared fluorophores with peak emission at 700 nm and 800 nm are used to label two different cell types. By carefully optimizing incubation conditions, including cell density, motion, kinetics, detection, etc. we demonstrate that cell-ligand binding occurs, and that the number of cells bound per chemical spot correlates with ligand affinity and specificity. This screening system lays the foundation for high-throughput discovery of novel ligands to the cell surface.